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Inext Petroleum

Global Solutions |  Local Delivery

About Us

Inext Petroleum & Oil Field Services Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company. The company was formed to meet the current focus on cost reduction without compromising the detail, execution or safety. Inext Petroleum & Oil Field Services has elected to be a boutique engineering and consultant placement company, which will focus on working together with the client to cost reduction, risk mitigation, safety and new technology.


We are a streamlined company with the ability to move quickly on small or large projects. Our core team can react to any problem or event which comes our way. We also have a substantial data base of worldwide engineers that we can call on if required.


We take pride in participating in this industry thereby reducing our country’s dependence on foreign companies.  While the industry continues to evolve with the development of new technologies and discoveries, Inext is well positioned to adapt to and capitalize on this dynamic environment Inext Petroleum & Oil Field Services is in the position to offer our client base a full suite of drilling services, such as MOST, Seismic Services, Tubular Services, Hammer Services, Slot Recovery Services, Rental Tool Services and Land Rig Drilling.

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